Our Services

Canterbury Vending will install, maintain and manage vending facilities. Facilities will include state of the art Mini Market Facilities, along with conventional snack and drink vending machines. Markets and machines are stocked with various snacks, foods and drinks. Normal as well as healthy snacks and drinks can be stocked as requested. Sales of products are monitored daily to ensure a good supply of product is available for sale. CV will also inspect expiration dates to insure fresh quality products are available. Facilities are monitored based on sales volume with site visits made as needed based on levels of sales.

Facilities will be serviced at a minimum of once a week, to insure operation and cleanliness of facilities. CV will respond to any malfunctions and or refunds within a 24 hour period from notification.

All machines are credit/debit card accessible and programmed to accept $1 and $5 bills. Any issues with credit card charges or machine malfunctions of machines will be the responsibility of Canterbury Vending personnel.